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Know about Portable Hemoglobin Test Meter

Living a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to well-being. Self-awareness and adherence to the recommended health practices is the best way to maintain health.  Folks use a hemoglobin meter test kit to aid in their health maintenance. It is simple to obtain the essential data on blood hemoglobin levels. It’s crucial to ensure your hemoglobin levels are assessed at least once a month. If you wish to avoid frequent monitoring, a portable hemoglobin meter test kit can help you check your levels on a routine basis.

What is a hemoglobinometer?

A hemoglobinometer is a device also known as a hemoglobin meter test kit that uses for spectrophotometric analysis to estimate the blood’s hemoglobin concentration. Portable hemoglobinometers make measurements simple and practical, which is especially helpful at home and in locations without access to clinical laboratories. It is also useful in crises owing to its ease of use, precision, and fast delivery of results.

A hemoglobin test quantifies the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Red blood cells include the protein hemoglobin. The bone marrow creates the protein hemoglobin, which is then stored in the red blood cells. Haemoglobin helps red blood cells in transporting oxygen from your lungs to your body via your arteries. Additionally, carbon dioxide (CO2) is transported back to your lungs by hemoglobin through your veins from all throughout your body. Red blood cells are red because of hemoglobin.

Anbanjia medical is a leading exporter chain service provider of medical consumables and equipment. The hemoglobinometer measures the amount of hemoglobin in fresh blood. It uses optical reflectance as the basis for measurement. The measuring process takes less than 30 seconds. It weighs about 58g (Battery included). Its measurements are 102X50mmX19mm. It has a DC 6V power source (Two CR2032 Batteries). The range for measurement is 4.0g/dL to 24.0g/dL. In order to identify results that are out of range results under 4.0g/dL and over 24.0g/dL will be displayed as “Lo” and “Hi,” respectively. The LCD display shows the test results in SI. Internal issue check and display is its finest feature.

How to use the hemoglobinometer?

Firstly, prepare the lancing device, and pl Pace the code chip in. Insert the test strip into the solvent, the meter is awaiting the addition of the blood sample, and the top corner of the screen will flicker. After cleaning the finger with an alcohol swab, squeeze the finger while holding the lancet against the flyer until there is enough blood. Collect enough blood using the capillary transfer tube, then squeeze the tube into the test strip blood solution. In 10 seconds following the addition of the sample, the screen will display the outcome and after the examination, take the sterile lancet out of the lancing instrument.

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