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Household regulator oxygen meter pressure cylinder inhaler with humidifying

Place of Origin:China 
Brand Name:Anbanjia

Model Number:KL05 
Power Source:MANUAL

Warranty:1 Year 
After-sale Service:NONE

Shelf Life:1years

Quality Certification:ce 
Instrument classification:Class II

Safety standard:None 
Input voltage:<15Mpa

output voltage:0.25Mpa 
Flow regulation:1-10L/MIN

Safety valve:0.5Mpa Automatic Exhaust 
Imported thread:G5/8

Customized logo(Min. Order: 500 Pieces)
Customized packaging(Min. Order: 500 Pieces)
Product Details

Medical Surgical Electric Suction Apparatus portable surgical suction machine aspirator

Product name Buoy type·oxygen inhaler
Input pressure <15Mpa
Output pressure 0.25Mpa
Flow adjustment range 1-10L/min
Safety valve 0.5Mpa automatic exhaust
Imported thread G5/8”
Export thread M12x1



It is mainly used in the oxygen supply system of the medical center, which is used by medical units to give oxygen and hypoxic patients for oxygen inhalation, scientific research institutions, industrial and mining and other inhalation flow control devices. The flow rate of the oxygen inhaler is accurate, convenient and safe to use. It is an essential device for oxygen therapy for patients in hospital emergency rooms and wards

working principle
The role of the oxygen inhaler is to provide a continuous constant pressure and flow of oxygen for patients to use. The bottle plug-in oxygen inhaler uses its own pressure reducing device to reduce the high pressure in the oxygen cylinder (15Mpa pressure when the bottle is full) to a low pressure suitable for human use (0.2~0.2Mpa), and then output to the human body after being moistened by water . Since the wall plug-in oxygen inhaler has an input pressure of 0.2~0.4Mpa, it does not need to be decompressed and can be directly output to the human body.

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