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Measure the Body Temperature Conveniently and Accurately with Digital Thermometer

In recent times, the use of digital thermometers has become increasingly popular as an effective way of measuring body temperature. These devices are designed to provide accurate temperature readings quickly and conveniently, without the risk of exposure to hazardous materials like mercury, which are common in traditional thermometers. Digital thermometers are available in different models, each tailored to specific age groups, including children and adults.

Anbanjia medical is a leading exporter chain service provider of medical consumables and equipment. We produce high-quality Digital Thermometers. One of our digital thermometers model numbers is 2001. It is suitable for both adults and children. Here are some of the key features of our digital thermometers.

Buzzer Prompts

One of the most significant features of our digital thermometers is that they come with buzzer prompts. This feature is particularly useful when measuring a child’s temperature, as it helps to distract and comfort them during the process. The prompts can also alert you when the reading is complete, making it easier to get an accurate temperature reading without having to guess when it’s done.


Another important feature of our digital thermometers is that they are waterproof. This makes them easier to clean and sanitize after use, preventing the spread of germs or infections. That’s why they can also be used to measure body temperature under the armpit or even in the mouth, without the risk of damaging the device.


Our Digital thermometers are designed to be convenient to carry around, making them ideal for travel or use outside of the home. They are small and lightweight, making them easy to store in a purse or backpack and easier to monitor your temperature on the go. Additionally, they come with protective cases, which keep them safe and make them easier to locate.

Memory Function

One of the most important features of our digital thermometers is their memory function. This allows you to track temperature readings over time, making it easier to identify changes in body temperature. The last memory function is particularly useful in monitoring a patient’s progress or when consulting with a physician.

No Mercury

Our Digital thermometers are environmentally friendly since they don’t use mercury. Mercury is a hazardous material that can cause serious health risks if exposed. Using a digital thermometer eliminates the risk of exposure, making them a safer option.

Automatic Shut-Down

Our Digital thermometers are designed to automatically shut down after a certain period of time to conserve battery life. This means you don’t have to worry about manually turning off the device, which can be especially helpful for busy parents or caregivers.

Different Ways of Measuring Temperature

Digital thermometers can be used to measure body temperature in different ways. These include oral temperature, under the arm temperature. Each method provides accurate temperature readings, but the length of time it takes to obtain a reading varies.

  • Oral Temperature

When measuring oral temperature, place the probe under the left or right side of the tongue and read the temperature after 60 seconds. A temperature above 37.2°C in the morning or 37.7°C in the afternoon indicates a fever. Normal values range between 35.5°C to 37.6°C.

  • Axillary Temperature

To measure axillary temperature, keep the armpits dry and clamp the probe. Read the temperature after three minutes. If the temperature is above 37.2°C, it indicates a fever. Normal values range between 34.7°C to 37.1°C.

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